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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fave Sites and Sidebar Links

Hey guys!
I'm at school. This is mostly where and when I write my blogs because I usually have NO time at home. It works out, too, because I am not one of those crazy obsessed computer game people. I have one or two comp. games that I like. They're called BP Gas Mania (I like the game not the co.) and Sushi-Go-Round. I'll add links to the sidebar.>> I also love these two makeover games that my friend showed me. Taaz and Polyvore. Taaz is a makeover website and Polyvore you can make outfits or collages or whatever. Cleverbot is also an awesome game. Supposedly you're talking to a computer robot who learns things from talking with humans, but C's dad looked it up and found out that it's actually a gigantic chatroom and you're getting little snippets of what people are saying to what they think is a "bot" but is really you. Same with you. That's why sometimes it changes the subject. I still love the site, though. And Facebook, well, I think we all know what's up with that. Okay, so that explains all of my fave websites and the links on the sidebar. Checkemout!!>>

-Julia Hale

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