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Friday, May 27, 2011


Today was a sucky day. I hate slauson soo much and i wanna switch. But idk, cuz gabi might come back next year! arghh. The morning sucked a lot. Then by lunch it got better. Janay and Bern and other ppl and i loitered (gabi) for a while after school ;) sneaky children. I like my cat a lot, he's right next to me. he just plopped down and started snuggling me. I il him. Might hang with Claire later, idk. Stayed up till like 430 last night writing a stupid murphy paper. I better get an A+...;) lmaoo. Well, I re-activated my fb, but fs is not coming back. I never got any questions anyway, and when I did they were stupid things or hate. Well, i gtg EAT SOME DAYUM FOOD. haha luhyuhh :D BYEE[:

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday was a very bad day, and i hate when people do this but I really dont wanna talk about it. Ive been really depressed lately, and sick and maybe ill explain in another post when im feeling better. long story short, i ended up deleting my fb and fs because im too addicted. im keeping twitter though because i really like twitter :) lol. maybe ill delete soon. idk. well i might redo all the vids on my youtube because i dont really like how i sound in most. idk. well gtg bye.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Hair Looks Bad

Hey guys! My hair doesn't look very good today. Like, it just got super hot outside this weekend and right now its not very pretty up in the hair department. Well, I think I'll straighten it today. Anyway, I had tons of hw this weekend. I got a lot done, but I could've done more. The reason I'm posting this so early and before school is because I took a shower last night and I don't need to take one this morning. I'm watching AMTV right now, I love that show. It's pretty much jsut music videos early in the morning. There's this thing called "Inside Lady Gaga" during the comercial break. Apparently she got thrown into a trash can by some boys in her class when she was younger. idk why I'm including that, but I love Lady Gaga. Right now theyre playing Words I Never Said (think thats what its called?) I serisously love this song. The video is kinda odd though...huh. Well, I gtg fix my friggin hair. Bieber :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey guys! So, I know I havent posted in a while, and I know I've said this like a bajillion times but ima try to start up my blog again! yayyy! So, all last night I was working on my cover or Super Bass, by Nicki Minaj. I know I'm not very good at the singing parts, but I was mainly covering it for the rapping part. pshh, mom didnt think I could rap. noob. well, anywho I'm gonna try to make a video to it but it most likely wont be up for a while, because I'm doing the favorites series. weeeel, I've gotta go and check my other accounts, haha I have like a jillion. I think ima change my link list to only the sites where I have accounts, because It's gettin kiinda outta control. haha. BYE GUYS!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hey thurrr! So today I went shopping ! :) I went to target and bought some sickk rainboots, a duffel bag, pj's, and some other stuff. Then we went to kohl's and got some cutoffs and a pair of super cute white shorts and a purple cami. Then we went to Aeropostale and got me some boyfriend shorts (pretty much just long shorts) and a pair of like olive green shorts. good day :) I swear I had like no pants before today. hahaha :) well, I'll post a haul on the makeup channel soon so you can seeeeeee :) gtg wash some clothes then pack! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! :DD

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey guys! So I've decided to just sort of start over. I'm not gonna delete all the older posts, but I just got a new mac so it's gonna be a lot easier to post now. I'm so excited! Why? Because on monday I'm going to 7th grade camp! :DD I haven't started packing yet, but tomorrow morning I'm going to Target to get some rain boots, then going to Kohl's, Pacsun, Forever 21, Wet Seal, and maybe American Eagle to get some clothies! :DD Well, Yesterday I had an ah-mahazing sleepover with my bestie Gabi and Ana. We made a vid called Prom Committee. Checkitout! I'll put it on the random videos channel. Well, I gtg make a list of other things to buy tomorrow for camp! BYEE! :DD

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Design

So there's been some changes
like everything haha.
new design, hence the name.
so it's like 1:42 and im chatting with mah frienddddd
and i was going to go to xbz (finally)
then my mom had a last minute mtg so she couldnt drop me off
so to make it up to me
she bought me a panda pillow pet
and I named him P.F. Chang
So, I gotta go because i have to go do other stuff.