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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Hair Looks Bad

Hey guys! My hair doesn't look very good today. Like, it just got super hot outside this weekend and right now its not very pretty up in the hair department. Well, I think I'll straighten it today. Anyway, I had tons of hw this weekend. I got a lot done, but I could've done more. The reason I'm posting this so early and before school is because I took a shower last night and I don't need to take one this morning. I'm watching AMTV right now, I love that show. It's pretty much jsut music videos early in the morning. There's this thing called "Inside Lady Gaga" during the comercial break. Apparently she got thrown into a trash can by some boys in her class when she was younger. idk why I'm including that, but I love Lady Gaga. Right now theyre playing Words I Never Said (think thats what its called?) I serisously love this song. The video is kinda odd though...huh. Well, I gtg fix my friggin hair. Bieber :)

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