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Friday, May 27, 2011


Today was a sucky day. I hate slauson soo much and i wanna switch. But idk, cuz gabi might come back next year! arghh. The morning sucked a lot. Then by lunch it got better. Janay and Bern and other ppl and i loitered (gabi) for a while after school ;) sneaky children. I like my cat a lot, he's right next to me. he just plopped down and started snuggling me. I il him. Might hang with Claire later, idk. Stayed up till like 430 last night writing a stupid murphy paper. I better get an A+...;) lmaoo. Well, I re-activated my fb, but fs is not coming back. I never got any questions anyway, and when I did they were stupid things or hate. Well, i gtg EAT SOME DAYUM FOOD. haha luhyuhh :D BYEE[:

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