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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey guys!
So, I think I've officially decided what I'm going to be for halloween. DRUMROLL, PLEASE!!!! I gonna be...A vampire. And It's not because I like Twilight, which I do, but because It's an original halloween costume. Like, people have been doing it for years. Any ways, I'm gonna fake dye my hair red, black, and white then straighten it and put it in a high ponytail. I'm also gonna wear bright red lipstick and a red see-throughish shirt over a long black shirt with a white miniskirt and long pearls. It's gonna look sick. Soooooo, yeah. Tha's pretty much it. Umm, I'm doing another power point on Puerto Rico, after my bajillion year-long power point on Panama. Except that this one is shorter, and it's for spanish. I'm really pumped for both of them, but don't ask me to type anything that starts with p, because I'll probably end up typing Panama. Haha. JK. Okay. I'm leaving now BYEE(:


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