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Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Fever/Sucky Book

Hey guys! I have it. I've gone to all the doctors in town, they've all said the same. I've got christmas fever. Haha, jk. But seriously. I am really and seriouslny pumped for Jesus's B-day. Anyways, I googled "shetland pony" today. I was reading this book and the girl said that this guy looked like a shetland pony. Boy, he must've been ugly. Haha. Anyways I finished that book. It sucked. Hard. Problems with the book:
1. The author made the main charecter a real imarure, undeveloped brat so I wasn't really rooting for her.
2. The author made the girl's neighbor end up having a crush on her, which was totally unrealistic. The author also made the main character have a small affair with her foster father, also very unrealistic.
3. The ending sucked. Several problems unresolved, and the ones that were, were ended poorly and were rushed. Whatever, though. I wasn't expecting To Kill a Mockingbird or anthing...

Well, gotsta go watch gossip girl. BLAIRE AND CHUCK ARE BACK TOGETHER!!! Well, for now at least...BIEBERS!!!


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