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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hey guys!!
So. Thanksgiving. Whoo. Time to put on the pounds. A day, made just for eating delicious turkey and pumpkin pie...and for giving thanks, of course. A holiday of which I get three of this year! That's right!
1. Canadian thanksgiving (don't ask)
2. Regular thanksgiving
and, last but not least,
3. FAKE THANKSGIVING!!!! Haha, it's pretty much just thanksgiving with a different part of my family on a day that is not actually thanksgiving. It's rockin. Lol. Soooooooo also, I am very excited for christmas!! Yay! Here is my list:
1. A macbook.
das it! All I really want for christmas is to be able to log onto FB without having to be kicked off 12 times before typing "j"! Haha jk but seriously. I just want some privacy(; Well, gtg. What do you want for christmas? And how many thanksgivings are you having? Haha. BYEE(:


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