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Sunday, February 20, 2011


as you can see, i am sort of mad.
it snowed 8 inches.
yesterday, i was literally wearing shorts. not out of the house, but still.
i added some links to the list, and also added an in list.
an in list is a list where i list the things that are "in" right now
haha, listlistlist.
anyway, that list will most likely be changing frequently, and no people will ever be put on the list unless they're celebrities. i dont want to cause drama.
an in list in most cases is also accompanied by an "out" list, but i really wouldnt want to offend anyone, because thats generally where things like that end up. probably because george bush would be on the list, and as you can see, this is so obviously NOT a blog about politics...and that as you can imagine would most definitely cause drama(;
well, my mother is talking about taking a trip to california...dont wanna mis THIS convo...haha well bye(;

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