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Friday, February 18, 2011

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

So yesterday was the valentines day dance. I didn't know it was right after school, so I didnt have money to get in, and the dance was only and hour long so if I walked home by the time i got back the dance wouldve been over. Yeah, something tells me this dance wasnt very well planned out. at first I wasnt going to go, but then I realized that I literally (HAHA as opposed to figuratively) had nothing better to do, cuz ima loozerr. So I went and Mrs. M let me in and i told her id pay today. I was sort of surprised, because yesterday before the dance she freaked out on me for talking, then yelled at me for rolling my eyes. Im not a bad kid, i just like to talk. What can I say? Speaking of talking...(;...on Monday I got a VOE for talking in Math class. Its not my fault ive had a crappy math teacher for half the year and now suddenly this awesome teacher comes in and im not very disciplined! I had to spend my lunch in the lunch detention room. If i had only waited one day to get it over with, I wouldve been there with D.
Well, today is the 7th grade ice cube trip. im pretty pumped. I suck at ice skating though. whatevs! im still excited. well, ms. W is playing a piano on the computer...dont i better GO. talk to yalls' lata.

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