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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is a house really a home with your loved ones gone?

Hey there!
I'm in a much better mood than I was yesterday. No more pessimistic julia, lots more optimistic. That's actually what I'm gonna try to do. No matter what stay happy. That should be easy...-ish...
Well, today is hat and wacky hair day. I forgot but come on. was I really gonna wear a hat all day? No. And wacky hair? how bout not. I dont mean to be a party pooper but come on. Not anymore.
Im in a fight with one of my ex-friends who shouldnt be named but if youre reading this and youre not a stalker than I imagine you'd know who im talking about. All im gonna say is:
I wanna punch the fucking face in of whoever created formspring.
But, i mean, its not like im gonna delete mine...I cant. Im obsessed(;
but seriously. people can get hurt on that site.
Well, im guessing my teacher is actually expecting me to learn in this class so...i gotta go. hopfully things will be better by my next post. not likely though.

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