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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tell the world I'm coming home

Well, today's a new day.
A new week.
Valentines day.
I'm kind of at the point where I (along with all the other single 30-35 year-old women in America) get sort of depressed around valentines day. Someone I know said that the only thing valentines day does is get people fat, get their hearts broken, or get them pregnant. But I should stay optemistic. Right?
Well, the valentines day dance is thursday. Why thursday? First of all, why would you have a dance on a thursday? and second of all, why that thursday, why not last one? it was closer to Vday, and half the guys cant even make it because there's a basketball game that day.
I dont get slauson.
I hate that school.
honestly though, im not too big a fan of any school right now.
I have to go.

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